How to place Order

How to place an order

Shopping at

We have designed after conducting a thorough analysis of various other sites. We’ ve tried to cover all loopholes that make online shopping difficult. The design of Brides Galleria is highly user friendly. All the pages are interactive, and you can place orders at with ease.

Simple Search

If you are a new to online shopping, then we have the search tips to guide you through your shopping experience. We have multiple search options to facilitate easy shopping.

The Shopping Cart

The Shopping Cart page is designed to show you all the items you' ve collected during a particular shopping session. You can go to this page whenever you wish to review the items you are preparing to purchase irrespective of the total number of items. The Shopping Cart will show you a brief description, the price and the quantity of the product you desire to purchase. You can also update the quantities of any item.

Using Shopping Cart

Go to a product's information page, select the desired size and quantity, and click the "Add to Shopping Cart" button. You will be taken to the Shopping Cart page where you can see the item you just added. Once the item is added, you can click on “continue shopping” to browse through other items.

Make Final Purchase

After you have selected the products you want to buy, click on the “Proceed to CHECKOUT” button, and then follow the instructions to finalize your shopping list.

The Checkout Process

Brides Galleria uses a simple and secure checkout process to allow you to make your purchase quickly and comfortably. While we require all customers to create a Brides Galleria account in order to complete a purchase, we assure you that your information will be kept private and secure.

New customers

New customers will be asked to enter their email address and then create a Brides Galleriaaccount. Follow the instructions from this point on : enter in your shipping information, your payment information, and then view your order before placing it.

Return customers

It's easy to shop the second time around on Brides Galleria. Return customers will be asked to enter their email address and their password. You will then be taken directly to an order review page where your shipping and (if you so choose) your billing information will be pre-filled for you. In just one click your order can be placed.

Order confirmation

When you have successfully placed your order, you'll be presented with a receipt page that will have your order number on it. You will also be sent an email to confirm your order.

If you have any question about our shipping policies, please email us at Our customer services are ready to help.

How long will it take to get my order?

All orders are usually shipped within 15 days after the confirmation of the order. However your products may not be in stock and in that case a custom made shipment may take 3/4 weeks. All products are first polythene packed then packing paper wrapped. All orders are shipped by 1st class courier service and home delivered within approximately 5 working days after dispatch of the shipment. Please note that all the products (Sarees, Lehengas etc.) will be shipped from India. For further details, see our shipping policy.

Order Information and Status History

To review your order information, the status of your order(s), and all of your orders history with us, simply log into my account. Your account information is accessible 24 hours a day. You will be able to see all of your purchases, shipping information, account information.

After you have placed the order, you will get e-mail confirming each order registered with us. if you want any correction, you are requested to get in touch with us at

In case of any queries please choose from the list of subjects below to contact us via email. This allows us to route your concerns to the correct department and reply as quickly as possible.

You can also email us directly at to immediately get the best possible solutions and information.